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Things You Should Know About Foundation Repair

The short answer to this is "extremely important". There are various reasons why your foundation may be affected. Not all of them will be obvious from the outside. Have you noticed cracks on the exterior walls of your home? Are you finding that your floors are developing slight budges or are sloping? Are doors and windows "sticking"? If you find any of these problems, then it's wise to have the foundation of your home checked. A foundation inspection will help you identify problems and advise you about the foundation repairs that will need to be carried out. There can be any number of things that can affect the integrity of a home's foundation. Here are just a few:check out www.sefoundations.comthis more info.


Soil Condition

The soil on which your house has been built has a direct bearing on the foundation. Your home may have been built on an expansive soil or a clayey soil. Expansive soil expands when it is damp and contracts when it gets dry. When the soil expands, it puts pressure on the walls and foundation footing. This leads to various cracks on the floor or walls. If your house has been built on such soil, you have to get your foundation inspected by an expert to verify its condition. Extremely dry soil near your home can also cause cracks in the foundation. If there is a severe drought, the soil may get too dry and shrink. The soil has to be irrigated properly to let some moisture into it and keep the foundation strong.


Large Tree Roots

If you have large old trees around your home, check if their roots are going deep inside and touching the foundation. Tree roots can slowly cause extensive damage to the foundation.


Water Accumulation and Leaks

Too much moisture in the soil is not good for the foundation of your home. You have to check the gutters and down spouts around your home to see that they let out the water away from the home. Similarly, you must have pits and drains to divert the rainwater away from the home. If there is no proper grading around the home, the soil may retain more moisture and damage the foundation. Leaking pipes or sprinkler systems can also cause a lot of damage by keeping the soil near your home damp.


Poor Construction

If your builder has not taken enough care while preparing the soil before construction, it can cause problems later on. If the perimeter of the foundation of your building is severely cracked or bowed then it needs to be reinforced to keep it from caving in. Metal rods need to be used to reinforce the structure immediately to prevent further damage. Foundation repairs must be done immediately because of the health, safety and financial ramifications of putting it off. Its true that most of us want to put off costly repairs but it is equally true that the longer you wait the more costly these repairs will become. Not what most of us want to hear, but the truth. I hope this helps.